Vikram Anand is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who never fails to deliver. A combination of years of entrepreneurial experience, coupled together with a ‘No BS’ attitude to getting things done, Vikram is as energetic on stage, as he is empathetic towards corporate professionals and entrepreneurs in general.

Well aware of how brutal it is to sit in an audience, listening to some ‘expert’ waffle on, as they prance around the stage, Vikram makes sure to keep things entertaining and interactive, by keeping all of his presentations up-to-date and regularly going down into the crowd (wireless mic required!) and interacting with attendees directly.

Almost all of Vikram's’ sessions are based around the ‘How To’ mentally of getting things done in business and life.

By the time attendees are done digesting his presentations, they genuinely have something of value to take away, and more importantly, to take action on – holding themselves accountable to actually making the most out of the investment they made in attending.

Highly aware of the balance needed to keep people informed and entertained at the same time, Vikram injects a light-hearted approach with his sessions and injects a little humor whenever possible.

Current Speaking Topics:

  1. Online Entrepreneurship
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Career Planning for Corporate Professionals

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"Vikram conducted the employability workshop very well. His thoughtful insights were appreciated by the students at our Institute because they were unique and actionable.

We recommend him as a knowledgeable speaker on the subject of employability and careers and look forward to having him over at our Institute again."

- Neha Sharma, Associate Professor, School of Inspired Leadership, Gurgaon