The Rise to The Top!™

7 HR Directors and domain experts reveal how to get promoted fast and earn higher increments every year!

Do you feel that you should be paid much more than you currently are?

Do you think you ought to get promoted faster to higher levels of management?

The majority of employees in any organisation clock their 9 to 5 everyday thinking that just doing their job and their number of years in the company will get them the promotions and higher increments they want.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Less than 5% of professionals know exactly how to leverage the corporate world to their advantage in an ethical manner to get promoted fast and earn great increments like clockwork.

Every year they get fancier designations and a higher salary. They are the winners. And they play by a different set of rules.

Until now you were not privy to the rules that have been kept within a close set of people and helped propel them to stratospheric heights of success. This course changes all that.

"The Rise To The Top" is a unique course that brings together eight top experts who guide you on how to become a corporate superstar.

In these lessons you'll learn everything you need to know to change the trajectory of your professional growth so that:

1. You get promoted faster.

2. You earn much higher increments

If that sounds like fun, read on...

Course Curriculum

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Your Instructor

Vikram Anand
Vikram Anand

Vikram Anand has taught online marketing at IIM (Ahmedabad) and worked at Unilever, J&J, Nokia and other companies. He's also been the Chief Marketing Officer at AkzoNobel and Cargill in South Asia, having interviewed dozens of candidates during his 20+ year career.

He's collaborated with 15 top HR Directors from some of Asia's best MNCs to create this course!

He's also partnered with the National Career Service for career counselling.

If you're happy with your 2 - 5% annual increments, don't even bother signing up. You're satisfied with your current status and this course is NOT for you.

But if you're ambitious and want 10%, or 20% or even 30% increments with promotions like clockwork, then do yourself a favour and sign-up for the course before admissions close.

This will be the single best investment of time you'll make for your career - guaranteed!

Sorry. This course is part of a bundle and not open for enrollment individually.